Solitude and Kindness

July 30, 2016

Writing is a solitary activity – something you do alone. But the solitude that is needed is not only physical but emotional and spiritual. The quiet place that we must find is not just a room in the house or a writer’s shed but a kind of fortress inside of us that shields us at […]

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June 23, 2016

[From a lecture delivered to alumni of Vermont College of Fine Arts on June 18, 2016] Flannery O’Connor in her book “Mystery and “Manners” uses the term “the habit of art” to refer to a certain way of seeing that the artist must cultivate. The term does not refer to an activity as much as […]

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Ruth Arguelles Stork

May 8, 2016

Mother’s Day – 2016 Te escribo en Español porque es la lengua que siempre hablaste. Cuando pienso en ti mamá, me viene a mente más que nada todos los sacrificios que hiciste por mi. Desde el primero, cuando decidiste en aquel convento de Monterrey donde habías llegado por haber dado un “mal paso”, cuando decidiste […]

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